Ragnarok Online 2 : Easy and Fast Leveling Guide


 Level 1 - 15

At level 1, hunt 'Baby Poring' until you level 2.
( Level 1 EXP bar = 69, kill about 7 poring).

At Level 2,
- option 1 : keep hunting until level 3 (Level 1,2,3 EXP bar is not that much < ~600 EXP )
- option 2 : or, you would like to start follow the quest line (both main quest and side quest)

At Level 3 ~ 13,
- just done ALL side quest and main quest.

- At Level 5 - 7,
     you may keep hunting 'Lurker Fly' with a party since it will help your hunting.
     (EXP and EQ(weapon))

- At Level 6 -8,
     most player likely to arrive at a place filled with Chonchon and Chonchon brother.
     You can gain EXP advantage by killing multiple of this monster until got 20 Choncon Doll (Khara).

- At Level 11 - 13,
     you will arrive Culvert (Prontera Culvert), you can hunt some equipment there until Level 13 or just
     continue your quest.

- At Level 13 - 14,
     you will you quest is just walk and talking to Prontera NPC
     you can start doing Daily Quest At This Point

Level 12 - 14,
     you will continue your journey in "South Plain", here some tips and method :
     - you may take a little walk to "Carrot Village" and buy some "Monster Buster" mission.
       (only do this step if you are at level 9 - 11), I mean Poporing Mission.
     - Keep doing quest.
     - Hunt some monster (Spamming monster buster mission) (require some zeny)

Level 15 - 22

Reaching level 15 - 16, you will likely stuck at "Afanc"
     - You may gain EXP advantage by buying 5 Afanc monster buster quest scroll.
     - By the way, here's is you first boring khara mission starts (Get rid Afanc worker 0/14).
       as you can see, Afanc worker isn't included in any side or main quest, So you should just kill ot for EXP.
      (Worth 2000 ~ EXP)

At level 17 - 19,
     - your MAIN and side quest will stuck at 'Wolves Cave'. This dungeon isn't similiar with Culvert ( Culvert is the only dungeon you can Solo at low level). A party is necessary to clear the dungeon and quest.
If you're a healer, you're in luck. Because healer can easily find party rather than DPS and tanker. ( EXP and Equipment). Note: This dungeon Equipment status is equal to Level 22~ equipment.


    Dont forget to finish ALL khara that give BATTLE EXPERIENCE ( Mostly is 'Get rid' quest)
    Monster buster quest isn't necessary. But it will make your leveling faster
    Grand Peco and Vespa is always a choice to hunt
    Daily Quest ( You may back to previous quest board's quest and gain EXP advantange)

Level  23 - 32

Keep farming and reach Level 25 to change job, meet your own respective job master and change job as you desire. ( Take a little walk to Prontera OR just buy 'Prontera Warp Scroll' from kafra ( 2z) )

Player who doesn't farm well ( Level 23 ) will have his/her quest stuck at 'Izrud Cave' ( Lower chance of gaining party, except for healer )

Player who does farm well ( Level 25 ) will have his/her quest stuck at 'Izrud Cave' ( Higher chance to finding party, you're 2nd job, most people will accept you in their Party )

Little Note : I changed my job when my quest is "Get rid of Trancer; Get rid of Rabid Trancer". Normal player should be Level 23 at this quest.

At Level 26 ( Well farmed) you will reach another dungeon, called "Temple of Sea God" (abbreviated SGT, Sea God Temple)

Keep hunting and reach Level 32


    Vadon is always a choice to hunt
    Remember to submit every battle experience worth khara
    'Daily Quest ( You may back to previous quest board's quest and gain EXP advantange)'

​Level 32 - 38

You will reach 'Secret Forest Tomb', this is where your quest stuck too.

Dungeoning as usual ( EXP and Equipment )

At Level 37 OR 38 ( Well farmed ), here you are. "Abandoned Laboratory" . No main quest here, just side quest (Worth the EXP and equipment )

Here's the problem, you will reach Divided Plain ( Which is addressed to Level 38 or higher), most player arrived at Divided Plain at level 36 and 37. ( If you are well farmed, then this isn't the case )

    If this is the case, it won't be problem until you reaching level 38 or 39. Your level will fall behind your quest.
    Little Note: I have a Sorcerer Level 38 and I SIMPLY deleted it because my main and side quest stop at Level 41~ ( No more quest, except you leveled up )
    How to prevent this happening? Simple ! Create new char and follow my step from Level 1 to 50. HFGL !

Mini Bosses : Virus, Illusion of Moonlight Flower, Zadorak.

Daily Quest ( You may back to previous quest board's quest and gain EXP advantange)

Level 38 - 50

If you keep doing above step, I think you won't be have any problem at leveling.

But I may assume that some of player bored when reaching level 40+ ( It's little hard to leveling even though its SURE 50). So you may create new char and try different job. ( YES! THIS INCLUDE ME THAT BORED )

At level 50, you may want to choose union and start building better equipment

Mini Bosses : Scoler, Merem, RSX-0806, Goblin Leader
Daily Quest ( You may back to previous quest board's quest and gain EXP advantange)