Ragnarok Online 2 : Monk Tanker and Damager Builds Guide

If you see monk they either have very strong body and also very fast attack combo. If you want to be a monk you must ready to be either damage taker or damage dealer. Even monk use clothes as their armor, monk has very great defend skills. Monk usually role as tanker when MVP, Monk also could be super high damage dealer (in short time / every 60/120 second) with a skill combination. You will get skill reset when class change from acolyte to monk.

There are two type of monk Tanker and Damager

LotS Monk Tanker Skill and Stat Build

1 VIT and 1 AGI

Very high defend from skills

Very low damage and need high concentration when fighting boss in dungeon

LotS Monk Damager Skill and Stat Build

Full STR and the rest for AGI/VIT (I recommend AGI as your stats)

Very high attack and wonderful combo

You need to wait every 60 second for guillotine fist

Skill rotation:
Sphere Combo: Throw Spirit Sphere > Lightning Walk > Quadruple Palm > Grand Collapse
Ki Explosion (Need three sphere)
Guillotine Fist (Need Ki Explosion State)
Summon Spirit Sphere > Guillotine Fist
Iron Mountain Attack