Ragnarok Online 2 : Daily Quest Guide

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South Plain

Request: Outlaw of the Carrot Field
Hunt the Glutton Fabres at the Carrot Village carrot field. If the Defense of the Glutton Fabres increases, use 'Dr. Jacob's Pesticide' on them. Go to Karota once you're done.
Reward: 3503 Exp and 823 Rupee

Request: Main Culprit of Ecosystem Destruction 
Defeat designated number of RodaFrogu that has slight different appearance from RodaFrog. Go find Biologist Torke in the Jacob's Villa after completing the request.
Reward: 1855 Exp and 463 Rupee

Request: To Train the Pecos
Collect 'Naked Rabongs' at the center of the Southern Plains. Go to Peco Racer Boost when you're done.
Reward: 1703 Exp and 411 Rupee

Izrud Hill

Request: A Trend in Cooking
Collect 'Chewy Pincers' and 'Hard Filled Pincers' from Sandistars and Coraltuses near the docks north of Izrud Hill. Go to the Sushi House owner Higasi when you're done
Reward: 3351 Exp and 900 Rupee

Request: The Culprit Behind the Vandalizing of the Walls
Hunt 'Stone Spiders' and 'Wood Stone Spiders' around Izrud Village. Go the the leader of the Izrud Homewatchers, Ditmus, when you're done.
Reward: 2724 Exp and 717 Rupee

Request: Rare Mushroom Monster Extermination
Hunt 'Mildew' at the Mushroom Tree Forest of Izrud Hill, 'Masipore'. 'Dospore' and 'Truffle of Truffle' at Payon Forest. Go to Reona at the entrance of the Mushroom Tree Forest when you're done.
Reward: 6926 Exp and 2 Zeny 146 Rupee

Payon Forest

Request: Collecting Miho Jade Ornaments
Collect 'Miho jade Ornaments' from Miho Guards and Stormers at the Miho Village. Go to Hyo at the south east entrance of the Miho Village when you're done.
Reward: 2331 Exp and 788 Rupee

Request: Material for Perpetual Fire
Collect 'Creepy Flames' from Horongs near the Payon Ruins. Go to Crescentia near the entrance of the Payon Ruins when you're done.
Reward: 2705 Exp and 944 Rupee

Request: Snake Heaven
Defeat designated number of various Boa snakes (Boa, Iron Boa, Poison Boa, Anantia) around Lake Chung-Lim in Payon Forest. Go to Snake hunter Amizo in the Lake Chun-Lim Villa when you complete the request.
Reward: 8371 Exp and 2 Zeny 746 Rupee

Maple Forest

Request: Kate's Pride
Collect 'Emergency Ration Cheese' from Emergency Rations. 'Warm Honey' from Killer Bees, and 'Flora Fruit' from Floras at Maple Forest. Go to Kate the chef at Maple Village once you're done.
Reward: 6890 Exp and 2 Zeny 573 Rupee

Request: Carrots!
Acquire the designated number of Maple Carrots that are grown near the Maple Brewery. Go to Part timer Malabo in the Maple Brewery when you finish the task.
Reward: 4191 Exp and 1 Zeny 565 Rupee

Request: The Red Shadow Crossing Maple Forest
Acquire  'Red Cockatrice Feather' from the Wild Speed that roams Maple Forest (Starts off from the red dot on the map). Go to Trainer Reina south of Maple Forest when you're done (This quest is recommended as a party quest).
Reward: 4899 Exp and 2 Zeny 968 Rupee

Divided Plain

Request: Main Culprit of Water Pollution
Defeat designated number of Big Snailers that appeared around Spring of Youth north of Fountain Village. Go to village head Seo of the Fountain Village after completing the request
Reward: 7368 Exp and 3 Zeny 636 Rupee

Request: Distuptor of Geological Investigations
Hunt 'Castoff Hellbug Workers' and 'Castoff Hellbug Warriors' at the bottom of the Scar of Despair at the Divided Plains. Go to Gelogist Pulk of Fountain Village when you're done.
Reward: 5551 Exp and 2 Zeny 866 Rupee

Request: A Grass that's Good for the Back?
Collect 'Purple Leaves' at the Bottom of the Scar of Despair at the Divided Plains. Go to Otis at Fountain Village when you're done.
Reward: 3058 Exp and 1 Zeny 579 Rupee

Verta Delta

Request: Shouldn't Everybody Have a Fur Coat?
Collect the rarely dropped 'Ultra Rare Fur' from Furseals, Alruses or Nerupas at the Coast of Verta Delta. Go to Tenpra of Delta Village when you're done.
Reward: 4031 Exp and 2 Zeny 286 Rupee

Request: Cultivation Disruptor
Hunt 'Nependes', 'Moist Nependes' and 'Small nependes' at the south of Delta Village. Go to Maris at Delta Village when you're done.
Reward: 7801 Exp and 4 Zeny 219 Rupee

Request: Toys at the Beach
Investigate the Shining spots at Coco beach and collect 'Harby's Toy'. Go to Harby at Coco beach when you're done.
Reward: 4031 Exp and 2 Zeny 286 Rupee

Sogratt Desert

Request: The Cause of the Sandstorm
Find and hunt the rare 'Sandrolls' at Sogratt Desert. Go to Ruti Cereno at the Grooming Thieves Camp when you're done.
Reward: 5203 Exp and 3 Zeny 258 Rupee

Request: Treasure Buried in the Desert
Investigate shiny sand piles in Sogratt Desert and collect 'Exquisite Antique Pots'. Go to MC Ssalle of Hasut Village when you're done.
Reward: 7612 Exp and 5 Zeny 17 Rupee

Request: New Research in the Desert!
Collect 'Deert Mouse Whiskers' from Gerbils, 'Snake Fangs' from Anacondaks and 'Desert Wolf Skin' From Desert Wolves at Sogratt Desert. Go to Dr. Jacob at Gongurat's laboratory when you're done.
Reward: 9834 Exp and 6 Zeny 831 Rupee

Road of Bless

Request: The One Polluting the Oasis
Hunt 'Desert Fugus' and Desert Fugu Bebes' at the south of Nomad Shelter. Go to the Oasis Manager at the Nomad Shelter when you're done.
Reward: 11176 Exp and 8 Zeny 190 Rupee

Request: Plunder the Plundered
Hunt Scratch Thieves east of the Nomad Shelter and collect their rarely dropped 'Scratch Thieves Chest'. Go to Treasure Hunter Munil of the Nomad Shelter when you're done.
Reward: 2756 Exp and 2 Zeny 255 Rupee

Request: Egg Thief Punishment
Collect 'Stolen Peco Eggs' from Desert Goblins at the south wet of the Road of Blessings. Go to Pecopeco Keeper Piel at the Nomad Shelter when you're done.
Reward: 6927 Exp and 5 Zeny 667 Rupee